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University of Toronto St. George
Charles Z Levkoe

Exam Review Lecture 11 Lecture 11 Pushing the food system for change Food forward • A small organization • Focuses on advocating, educating connecting • Educating people on issues • Different perspectives • Developing new ideas Theories of system change • Erica: urban land to farm • Social entrepreneurs: make a difference in communities • Local and sustainable agriculture Health and health care • Michael Pollen • Government and insurance companies • Will the government thinks about health care Local/municipal leadership • Council are interested in food • Change policies Host a lot of event events Grow food movements: everyone can get involved voice to the city Meal exchange • Caitlin Colson • Organization has been around for 15 years Campus Food Strategy group National student food charter Campus Food Strategy • Student coordinated • Food exist across a system • Main goal increase local and sustainable food procured • National NL-BC Food policy council model • Seeing other people in the food system Local problem • Food service providers • Adding capacity • Connecting to local food system Universities as innovators and model for change Networking • Champions on campus • Policy windows: proposals and contracts • Demonstrating demand and lending capacity: campus National student food charter • 400 students about peer-led discussion: food system • Compass for change •
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