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Charles Z Levkoe

Exam Review Lecture 10 Lecture 10 ! The changing countryside • More population is moving towards the city ! What is rural? • Rural and urban divide • We want to have cheap food: rural communities • Idea of perceptions as a state of mind • Conception of a defined space • Depends on the place ! What is "rural"? • The functionalist approach o The rural is defined by distinct properties and function o Binary: rural and not rural • The critical political economy approach o Rural areas are shaped by dynamics of national and international political economy o Shaped by dynamics o Social and economic processes are continuous • The social representation approach o The rural is constituted by discourses of various social groups o Imagine the countryside o Influenced by human behaviour o Urban agriculture: changing perceptions of space ! Role of agriculture in (rural) economies • Importance of having agriculture • Amount of urban expansion • Caroline Steele: lived here because farming and food • "Modernization" and the changing countryside • Urbanization as the economic base sh ifts away from farming to rural-to- urban migration • Suburbanization and car -orientated in the urban fringe leads to farmland conversion • Counter-urbanization occurs in as retires, telecommuters, cottagers move to rural areas • Suburbanization: process housing • Connected to the city • Political economy shifts • Direct impacts of urban encroachment (Drawbacks) • Less
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