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Rachel Silvey

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GGR112 Exam Review Let lecture notes guide what is something to emphasize in the textbook What are the shared concepts and different concepts between the models of development in this class? Ex. Modernization and neoliberalism often talked about in the same way, but there are some crucial differences? -Neoliberalism does not want any intervention, whereas modernization does want intervention sometimes -Neoliberalism wants to limit the role of the state. What are some similarities between dependency theory and transnationalism? -Inequality differences between nations -Transnationalism says there is inequality in nations as well Make table about development concepts (key ideas, goals of each theories) Main arguments or tenants of each development theory, what does this theory emphasize the most? -How do modernization theorists define development? Colonialism Modernization theory (comes out of Bretton woods era) Dependency theory (why is it emphasized so much in this course? Bridge between concepts?) Post-colonialism Transnational theory Economic theorists: Smith/Ricardo Keynes (pre cursor to world war two) -Prominent role of the state (kind of socialist, but he is actually trying to defend capitalism through state intervention) -Direct employment Rostow -stages to development -Traditional, pre take off, take off, drive to maturity and mass consumption -has to do with removing barriers, almost biological process, mass consumption is high stage off development from a natural physical growth in the biophysical world how does rostow differ from neoliberalism and dependency theory? -DT and transnationalism don’t see a linear approach; different places were colonized differently and have different ways to development, so different context -Rostow is teleological path to development modernization vs neoliberalism -not just role of the state, even though neoliberalism seeks one result to accumulate capital which will result in development, neoliberal is highly adaptable, so its localy specific but its global steamroller, so its somewhat like modernization theory andre gunder frank? -dependency theorists political and economic system, that are not longer polieco systems -colonialism, slave trade and modernization what are the factors of decline for colonialism? -emergence of the US as a superpower, and rise of liberation/independence movements got rid of colonialism -the marshall plan is one of the ways how to US became a global super power decline of slave trade? -slavery as an institution ended in the
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