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GGR 124 th Nov 28 Lecture 1. Location and date th Wednesday, Dec. 11 from 7 pm- 9 pm UC 166 East Hall 2. Format and timing - Choose 4 of 10 definitions - Choose 2 of 4 short essays responses How to use your two hours Read and select: 10 min Definitions: 10- 15 min *4= 45 min Essay: 20 min*2= 40 min Edit and review: 20 min 3. Want to include Your responses must draw on · Lectures- no need to source, but you can as (D’ Addario, 2013) · Textbook- Harry Hiller, Urban Canada Be specific about the authors you use (E.g.: source the author’s last name, 2010) · Draw on video clips - Why maps matter (West Wing) - Toronto tourism - Industrialization (picture montage) - Frank Gehry on the Simpons - Export processing zones - Africville - Ontario Coalition Against Poverty- Toronto Housing Crisi · Guest Lecture: Dr. Alana Boland “The spectacular and the mundane: Greening China’s urban spaces” 4. What else include · Attention to Geography (especially the urban scale) · Use examples of places - Industrialization (Manchester, Detroit, Toronto) - De- industrialization (Detroit, Buffalo, Pittsburgh) - Race and segregation (Africville) - Social housing and gentrification (Regent Park) - Gentrification (London, Brooklyn, Berlin) - Global cities (New York, London, Toronto) - Export Processing Zones (Philippines, Bangladesh, Mexico) - Urban- Nature (Netherlands, US, Canada, China) - Multiculturalism and Ethnoburbs (Shaughnessy and Richmond Hill) - Housing and Homelessness (Toronto and Vancouver) - Suburbs (Markham, Vaughan, Scarborough, Etobicoke) ·
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