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University of Toronto St. George
Matti Siemiatycki

Four fault lines of Canada1Centralist and decentralist fault linesaDemography favours Central Canada because the majority of Canadians reside in Ontario and Quebec From a political perspective these two regions often benefit from federal policies that support the national interest bAdding to their demographic superiority and political clout Ontario and Quebec have long been the manufacturing Centre of Canada These demographic economic and political advantages illustrate the dominant position of these provinces in the nations affairs and support the notion of a core region cOttawa maintain that its considerable subsidies to manufacturing industries in these provinces are in the national interest the rest of Canada perceives such subsidies as special treatment designed to gain the favour of voters in Ontario and Quebec No political party can form a majority government without support from those 2 provinces The regions in rest of Canada feel powerless to get a fair hearing in Ottawa 2English French speakersaQuebec with its culture and french language forms a distinct region within Canada bTensions between Englishspeaking Canada and Quebec have often erupted over language issues Within Quebec an internal fault line exists between separatists and federalist cSeparatists argues that Quebec cannot fulfill its aspirations unless it becomes a nationdFederalist take the position that Quebec can best flourish within the Canadian federation3Aboriginal and nonaboriginal MajorityaAboriginal Canadians reside in all provinces they form a majority in the Territorial North and in the northern extremes of the other geographic regionsbWhile treaty Indians were assigned to reserves many have relocated to cities where more opportunities are available cAboriginal people have obtained selgovernment in the form of an ethnic government with powers at least at the municipal level but not at provincial level dPublic government within an area dominated by aboriginal peoples provides another approach 4Newcomers and oldtimesaEarly period French and English settlers had a very difficult time adjusting to the New world In the early 20 century immigrants came to settle the prairie lands of Western Canada Finding a placea comfort level that would
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