Canada's Physical Landscape

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Joseph Laydon

Lecture 2 January 20 2011 Canadas Physical Landscape Canadas Physical Geography Key IssuesRelationship with Human GeographyEconomy and Resource base even though we are developed country it is still a resource based economy It comes from physical environmentConstraints on human activity we control the environment Slide 2 North American has North and south and in case of Canada our boundary follows any significan feautures the creation of Canada it was a delibarete because of our natural orientation north and south and east and westnd2 point because our physiographic region North and Southwe have same characteristics as unites stateslike landscapeex great plains in the map extend into US giving that we are not in competition since we have same resoursesSlide 3 What are Physiographic RegionsCommon geological characteristicschemical make up Similar geomorphological historyhow the rock or landscape was formed eg compression related to ice shield rivers some form of rises erosion process physical or chemical KEY it is made of regions that share common and geomorphologicla regionIn Canada Seven regions Characteristics of regions Slide 4 Canadian shield that streteches into the coastline quebec Manitoba and upBasic characteristics this is an extremely old rock formed 35 billion years ago formed through compression Compression means hard rock typically this also means the minerals that are contained within this are hard This tend to have a lot of valuable stuff but they are hard to access It has a shallow top soil layer Which means it is no good for agriculture The only place agriculture that is seen where there are rivers It was a later settled area because it could not support agriculture Only in late 19 and 20 century that is seen population because of mining Importance of resource human settlement and potentials of the land all related to physiography regions
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