Canada's Industrial Economy

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Joseph Laydon

Lecture 9 March 24 2011 Canadas Industrial Economy Regional concentration y Government policy supported centralist region especially southern Ontario because of its importance y Transportation concentration y Population concentration this is vital cuz it provides labour force it also facilitate by the progress of ndrdimmigration force 2 it produces local goods and then 3 the creation of urban population thy Proximity to US manufacturing belt it becomes be important in the beginning of 20 century part of govt policy the protection of manufactures therefore US made branch plants in Canada which helped Ontario because of its proximity Primary is the resource activity smaller in Ontario and quebec larger in other provicnes Secondary the manufacturing activityis the the opposite larger in Ontario Territory is theChanging face of employmentHallowing out over the past 2 decades manufacturing companies and so oncouldnt afford the labour force because they had to pay a lot of money so technology helpedThe key thing in terms of manufacturing thing is that many manufacturing are based empl
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