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ComparisonTES provides comprehensive annual record of all places of employment across the full range of employment activitiesCRD focuses exclusively on consumer servicerelated type activities capturing vast majority of retail and service activities omits smaller retail area and primarily captures streetlevel establishments includes units that are not occupied at the survey timeTES doesnt include any information about vacant units Geographical boundaries1 The area covered by CRD which we call it CSCA Strips2 Larger area covered by the TES but not fully covered by CRD which we call extended strips Activity categoriesSIC standard industrial classification codes in CRD and Activity code in TES both can be used for unique user defined classifications or aggregationsTES includes more servicerelated establishments as CRD does not survey most establishments above ground levelCounts for retail stores in both surveys are relatively comparable while the counts for services and significantly differentCRD captures vast majority of retailing activity on strips Establishment
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