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GGR 270 Assignment 1 September 2012.doc

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University of Toronto St. George
Damian Dupuy

GGR 270 Introductory Analytical Methods Assignment 1 Due Date: October 3rd, IN CLASS Organization and presentation should be important considerations in preparing your written assignments. This includes, but is not necessarily limited to, clearly identifying both questions and answers, including titles and labels for tables and your answers where appropriate. Your written answers should be clear and concise, not long and drawn out. Preparing your results in a neat and organized manner is an essential requirement on this and on subsequent assignments. A penalty of 5% per day will apply to late assignments. The first assignment is designed to provide you with practical experience in descriptive measures of central tendency (position) and dispersion, and in displaying data graphically. Section A. Data Description (35) 1. Please refer to the data contained in Table 1. These data measure average individual income for population over the age of 15, in a sample of neighbourhoods in the City of Toronto (drawn from the 2006 Census). Please undertake the following: a. Identify the scale of measurement for the Average Income variable, and justify your choice. b. Compute the following measures: Measures of Position Measures of Dispersion i. Mean iii. Range ii. Median iv. Variance v. Standard Deviation (NOTE: You may wish to construct a worksheet to help you in your calculations. While the use of spreadsheet software is fine for organizing your data, you MUST show enough work to convince your TA you know how to calculate the measures. c. Briefly describe the statistical distribution of average annual income across neighbourhoods in Toronto. Which measure appears more relevant – the mean or median? Why? Section C. Dat
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