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University of Toronto St. George
Rachel Silvey

1global care chain Manalansan structured relationships formed through the flow and displacement of the maternal affectPaper dolls filmeveryday struggles of gay domesticsin many cases the view is that gays are devoid of feelingsdespite seeing Sally in the film care for her employerGlobal Woman Hochschildlinear concatenation of bodies and feelings propelled by the migration of Third World women to the First Worldwomen torn away from their biological families and forced to leave their own children in the care of poorer women in the homelandThird World women take on the burden of First World womens liberation from domesticitycauses a care drainglobal domestic labour siphons off affection energies away from poorer countries leaving them wifeless and motherlesscare chain is the female underbelly of globalizationglobal inequalities in wagesrich richer poor poorerstructural adjustment programs leave inhabitants with a strong incentive to work in more fortunate parts of the worldManalansandomesticheterosexual womancare and love consequences for understanding gender and therefore requires a queeringglobalization women are on the move female labour movementDavid Harvey time space compression inequality of globalizationunevenemotional underpinnings of the work involved in this industryfocus on emotional labourcare is a resource the personal is globalseparation of children from their parentswomen work abroad because cannot make ends meatemotional deprivation of children Ex Global woman30 of Filipino children live in a home with one parentquestions of love being a resource do children have a right to this resource Global WomanFirst world families use nannies to redirect their love in this wayneed for remittances ex Global woman Crystal nanny in New York who says the money she makes will give her child an educationGlobal Womanto increase the value of domestic work is the keyinvolve fathersModern Day Slaves Film human rights abusesJosephine Saudi Prince home fed only bread slept on the floorlectures related to filmfocused specifically on feminized worknarrative off victimvillainlack of discussion on larger structural issues2tensions in national immigration policy
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