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University of Toronto St. George
Rachel Silvey

Sassen1The generalization of maket relations and the development of modern forms of production have historically had a disruptive effect on traditional work structuresmobalizes new sectors of population into regional and longdistance migrationsdue to the high degree of concentration of direct foreign employmentdisruption of traditional work structures ex commercial agrithese migrations have contributed to the disruption of tradition often unwaged employment structuresex Large mobilization of young women into waged labourfeminization of the new preoletariat contributed to male unemployment and male emigrationnone of this would happen if not for large scole investment in manufacturing and agrideveloping countries could not have penetrated the export market in the absence of these thingsworkers using their labour power in the production of goods and services demanded by the people and firms of the USforeign plants establish LINKAGES with the USdoesnt bring places closer but westernizes themthree main ways one new segments of the population incorporated into wage labour the associated disruption of traditional work structures creates a supply of migrant workerstwo the feminization of the new industrial workplace and its impact on the work opportunities of men Three the consolidation of objective and ideological links with the highly industrialized countries where most foreign investment originateswesternization effect workers find themselves making goods for people and firms in highly indust Countriesimmigration can be seen as providing labour for ONE low wage service jobs ex The high income lifestyle of top level western professionals TWO the expanding manufacturing sectorthe consolidation of global centres generates a restructuring of labour demandthe job supply is shaped by key trends Nevinsdissapearance of national boundaries in the face of globalization gorwing transboundary flows
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