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University of Toronto St. George
Rachel Silvey

Audio recording started: 10:18 18 October 2012  SLIDE 1  Globalization (Matthew Sparke)  Neoliberalism (Jamie Peck) - (Free market policy, free trade, has added to the inequality between and within countries, worst now after neoliberalism, rural areas more worst off.  Different geographies of migration policy  To discc saskiasasm (global cities rural urban) how that reading was illustrated by those two little boys what would you say?  3 definitions of neoliberalism and choose the best one.  Globalization is characterised by the flow of good across borders and tightening of borders. Human trafficking migrants become commodities transacted across borders. That in related to globalisation is part of how the state is involved actively formerly regulating migration. Because of the increase of mobility the neoliberal state has increased the growth of (12.45-12.55) lack of awareness of laws.  SLIDE 2  What dominance means in terms of migration and the role of the state?  Sparke (2004)  Dominance: a particular form of hegemony articulated through coercion more than consent  Extra-economic forms of coercion  Violence of neo-colonial order; US imperialism and unilateralism  National dominance under guise of globalist justification.  SLIDE 3  Peck (2001)  Increasingly neoliberal policy context internationally  Implication is that no alternatives exist other than neoliberalism in the forms of: deregulation, marketization, privatization and public asset stripping - (neo say it will be more efficient. Critics say may have not been effective but there is a role for the state to provide public education picking up garbage etc(21.18-21.20) what question she asked. Markets are naturally going to distribute things efficiently. The free hand. Critics say there never has been a free market. In practice governments and corporations manipulate markets. They are not free. They are social and political not natural)  Predicated on vision of naturalized market relations.  States re not less interventionist, just differently so. States serve global capital (they grow but provide less for poverty.. More for bank bailouts but less for education.  State restructuring under neolib. Involves both rolling out and rolling back (what is rolling out (rob fords cuts is roll back) vs rolling back?  Roll out: every policy is rolling out but wouldn't necessarily be neoliberal.  Neoliberal. Prescriptions are conflated with "imperatives of globalization". Presents itself and non-political.  States remain quite sturdy when it comes to prisons, workfare, police, welfare reform.  SLIDE 4  Peck (contd)  Regressive regime: unemployment for poor and growing number of dead end service jobs (nannies, restaurant workers, manicurists - who have weak safety nets)  "Civil duty" of the neoliberal middle class becomes: keep on consuming!  SLIDE 5  Migration and Globalisation  Drivers of globalisation:  ECONOMIC GLOBALISATION  International trade  Cross border investment and international outsourcing (moving out of the rural to urban)(call centres across the world)  Cross border migration  Financial market integration  NON-ECONOMIC ASPECTS OF GLOBALIZATION  Cultural integration ex. Globalised media  Environment integration  SLIDE 6  What's distinctive about the current phase of globalisation?  Density of economic globalisation greatest since WW1: density of other forms of globalisation greatest in world history  Pace of change is more rapid  Globalisation's critics are globalized  Globalization is perceived to impact on more people
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