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GGR107H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Earl Butz, Corn Syrup, Making Money

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Charles Z Levkoe
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Exam Review Lecture 3
King Corn’s key claims:
Industrialization of corn has almost eliminated small farms, which are being
replaced by industrial farms
See that farmers are not making money, only through government
Decisions relating to what and how crops are grown are based on economics
(not environment or social considerations)
The market uses corn for ethanol, animal feed and fructose corn syrup
Industrial corn (HFCS/animal feed/addictive) has been detrimental to the health
of humans and animals (also to the environment and our society
Cows were not suppose to eat corn leads to obese cows and high pH
Farming has been industrializer and loss of family farms
Before the 1970s: farmers would be paid to keep production low
Earl Butz: farmers were paid more money 1972
Health of our bodies
Liberty pesticide
51000 corn seeds in 18 minutes: can grow many crops in a limited amount of
Ended up losing money: received money through government subsidizing
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