GGR107H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Simple Living, Ethical Consumerism, Conspicuous Consumption

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Published on 23 Jun 2012
Exam Review Lecture 9
Lecture 9
o Geographies of consumption
Food security and health of community By: Linor David
Planning and developing food center
Community center: catchment and population based
Social determinant: income, education, gender
Individual choices social and community
Treating chronic diseases and conditions
Type 2: diabete, stroke, heart disease and childhood obesity
Nutrition and exercise and the impacts
Micro-level: individual helping people access food
Macro-level: improve the overall health
Work on pregnant women with low birth weights
Community gardens when they teach, cook
Markets and community network
Individual behaviour must be supported by polices
Consumption and consumerism
To be a good citizen you must shop
Consumer culture
Planned vs. perceived
o Utilization of the products of human labour: using up of goods and services
Geographical, place and location scale
Hunter gathering
Nomatic people
Traditional agriculture
Move to today's lifestyle monocultures
Produced for commercial sale
o How?
Poor subsidizing rich
Massive energy subsidy (fossil fuel)
Changed over time through cheap oil
o Why study consumption?
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