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3 Mar 2011

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Origins of geographic thought: ancient greeks, geographers refer to regional identities as a sense of place. In canada, there is no longer a sense of place from the quebecios, considering they perceive their place in canada as more of a partnership and some seek independence from canada; division of languages. English-speaking/french speaking canadians: within quebec, an internal faultline exists between separatists and federalists, separatists argue that quebec can"t fulfill its aspirations unless it becomes a nation, federalists say that quebec can best flourish within the canadian federation. In 1977, bill 101 proclaimed french as the official language in quebec www. notesolution. com for just about every facet of life: government, advertising, and business. In 1982, the supreme court struck down this bill but it was overturned later by using the notwithstanding clause". Centralist/decentralist faultline: most of the 30 million people in canada live or work in ontario and. Quebec, in which both house the most manufacturing activities in.

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