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22 Apr 2012
- TES provides comprehensive annual record of all places of employment across the full range of
employment activities
- CRD focuses exclusively on consumer service-related type activities, capturing vast majority of
retail and service activities, omits smaller retail area and primarily captures street-level
establishments includes units that are not occupied at the survey time
- TES doesn’t include any information about vacant units
Geographical boundaries
- 1. The area covered by CRD which we call it ‘CSCA Strips’
- 2. Larger area covered by the TES but not fully covered by CRD, which we call ‘extended strips’
Activity categories
- SIC (standard industrial classification) codes in CRD and Activity code in TES both can be used for
unique user defined classifications or aggregations
- TES includes more service-related establishments, as CRD does not survey most establishments
above ground level
- Counts for retail stores in both surveys are relatively comparable while the counts for services
and significantly different
- CRD captures vast majority of retailing activity on strips
- Majority of strips have a smaller average establishment size than overall average establishment
size of strips
- Average establishment size of 10, high proportion of financial, business and health service
establishments and office building- they contain nearly half of all the office buildings on strips
- Most sector ranged fairly close to overall average establishment size of about 8 employees per
- All types of establishments were bigger in rest of city than on strips, except general merchandise
- Most retail stores such as drug stores, hair and beauty service only very small differences in
average establishment size between strips and rest of city
- Overall difference between average establishment size on the strips versus rest of city is likely a
reflection of increased presence of large format retailers in non-strip location
- Strips gradually becoming more service oriented
- While establishments declined overall, employment increased especially in health service
The built form perspective
- The typical retail building with offices or apartments above dominates the strips’ built for
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