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24 Apr 2012

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Entertainment & shopping: to revitalize malls and attract customers back, entertainment is used as a drawing-card", ex. In the study: long distances between stores in an open space between the pn affected cross-shopping negatively. The entertainment facilities of the pn had a larger market area than the rm. Age differences: more teens at the mall [public transport made it easy to access] while people in the 30"s-40"s preferred the. More people with incomes under 50k were found at the rm and higher than 70k was found at the pn. Entertainment customers of the pn are older and less culturally diverse. Spending on entertainment at the rm was higher for purchases under and pn -50. Anchor tenants placed at opposite ends to generate traffic. People tended to take advantage of the power node; 1/10 said it was visually appealing and 1/3 believed that the big box stores offered more variety than the conventional stores you find in the malls.

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