Week 5 Study Notes

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13 Dec 2010
GGR 270 Lecture 5 October 13, 2010
Studying spatial patterns is a key concern of geographers
oTry to understand what has led to these patterns
Geography is about describing, explaining, and predicting geographic patterns and
Use probability for situations when patterns have some degree of uncertainty
oEx: weather P.O.P
Probability focuses on the occurrence of an event
oWhere one of several outcomes could result
oOutcomes are (and must be) mutually exclusive
Can be thought of as frequency of an event occurring relative to all other outcomes
P(A) = F(A) / F(E) where...
P(A) = Probability of outcome A occurring
F(A) = Absolute frequency of A
F(E) = Frequency of all other outcomes
Max probability of an outcome is 1.0
oAll probabilities must add up to 1
Addition rule:
oUsed when finding probability of single independent events
P (A or B) = P(A) + P(B)
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