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Week 6 Study Notes

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Damian Dupuy
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GGR 270 Lecture 6 October 20, 2010
Aim of inferential stats is to generalize about characteristics of larger population
So, need a process to obtain a sample
Sampling can be spatial or non-spatial
Therefore, an essential skill for any geographer to have
Why Sample?
Necessary is cases o extremely large populations
Efficient and cost-effective way of understanding the population
Highly detailed information can be obtained easily
Allows for follow-up activity or repetition
Sampling Error
If a sample is representative of the population then it will accurately reflect the
characteristics of the population, without bias
Element of randomness must be introduces to preserve the representative sample
Can never eliminate bias, only minimize it
Reducing bias means reducing error
Precision and accuracy help categorize sources of error
Sampling Designs
Different number of sampling designs:
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