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Week 9 Study Notes

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Damian Dupuy
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GGR 270 Lecture 9 November 10, 2010
Hypothesis Testing
To determine the level of precision of estimates, a confidence interval is
placed around the sample
This is one form of inference
A properly created sample is essential for the successful application of
inferential statistics
Often, geographers want to know if a particular sample is representative of
the population
Issue here may be to show that the sample differs significantly from the
Hypothesis Testing classic approach
Process that is generally followed for hypothesis testing
oState null and alternate hypothesis
oSelect appropriate statistical test
oSelect level of significance
oDelineate regions of rejection and non-rejection of the null hypothesis
oCalculate test statistic
oCompare test statistic to theoretical value
2 complementary hypotheses of interest:
NULL hypothesis (H0)
ALTERNATE hypothesis (Ha)
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