Week 12 Study Notes

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Published on 13 Dec 2010
GGR 270 Lecture 12 December 1, 2010
Nominal/Ordinal data or categorical data
Normality of population distribution is unknown
Use non-parametric tests:
oGoodness of fit
oContingency table or cross tabulated data
Chi square or x2
Most common
Relationships between cross-tabulated variables
Using observed frequency counts of a variable
oLooking for significant difference between actual and expected frequencies
Null hypothesis assumes no significant difference between actual and expected
frequency counts
Uses x2 distribution that is by default one-tailed
oAt least 2 mutually exclusive categories
oWhen only 2, expected frequency in each must not be less than 5
oWhen more than 2 categories, no one category should have an expected
frequency of less than 1, and not more than 1 category in 5 should have an
expected frequency of less than 5
oWe may need to amalgamate categories to achieve aussumptions
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