GGR270H1 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Statistical Hypothesis Testing, Null Hypothesis, Means Test

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30 Nov 2011

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Hypothesis testing- test selection: test used is a function of the research question and research assumptions sample size] In classic hypothesis testing, rejective the null hypothesis at . 05 is the same as saying the statistical test is significant at the . 05 level. Hypothesis testing- rejection regions: selecting a significance level allows the regions of rejection and non-rejection of the null hypothesis, entire set of values that a test statistic could assume, regions of rejection can be directional or non-directional. Calculating the test statistic: regardless of test used, a test statistic is always created, compare it to a critical value that we find with reference to our level of significance. In test comparing sample means, calculate a z or t statistic: choice will be driven by sample size, z for n> 30, t for n<30, ho: there is no significant difference, ha: there is a significant differene.

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