GGR271H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Hermeneutics, Internal Validity, Conversation Analysis

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17 Apr 2013

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Introduction to data sources and methods week 2. Intrepretivism: seek to understand human behaviour, cannot separate the researcher from the researched. Understand human role in their own surroundings: research should be action oriented: research informs and shapes social change, requires the social scientist to grasp the subjective meanings that people attach to their actions and behaviours. Nomothetic explanations: used by those who subscribe to the natural science/ quantitative methods, an explanation that applies to all of humanity, has to satisfy 3 criteria, correlation. The proposed cause and the proposed effect vary together: time order. Their proposed cause must precede the effect in time: non-spuriousness. Try to determine whether some third factor is the cause of the correlation. Qualitative researchers aim for less generalizing definitions: seek to produce a rich description of a person or a group, rather than to discover general laws and principles, these are called idiographic explanations.

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