GGR271H1 Study Guide - Final Guide: Ethnography, Participant Observation, Informed Consent

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18 Apr 2014

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Reading: bryman, teevan and bell, 2012 pp. The selection, analysis and writing of an example that either contradicts or supports a wider paradigm, theory, or popularly held belief. The basic case study design involves a detailed and intensive analysis of a single case. Favorite methods used by case study researchers include: participant observation, unstructured interviewing. These two methods are particularly helpful in generating an intensive, detailed examination of a case. In case study, researchers aim to provide in-depth information. Case studies are often idographic in nature, seeking to provide a rich description of the subject matter. Inductive approach (specific observations to broader generalizations & theories=bottom up approach) generation of new theory from testing of data. Deductive approach (aimed to test theory, begins with a hypothesis) Guided by specific research questions derived from social theories. 3 types of case by yin (1984) which relates to the issue of external validity: the critical case.

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