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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Hakob Barseghyan

Notes fromHPS100H1F Part 2 - ExamPrep Notebook: HPS100 Created: 12/09/2012 7:31 PM Updated: 12/10/2012 11:25 AM URL: file:/// Aristotelian - Medieval Mosaic Key Elements Primary Tenets: Pluralism (many types of things) Teleology (intrinsic goals) Hylomorphism (matter and form) Natural Philosophy (Physics) Air, Fire, Earth, Water Heavier Elements tend towards the center of the universe Split between cold/ hot, wet/dry Humorist Physiology & Medicine Body Contains: Blood, Yellow Bile, Black Bile, Phlegm Blood - Air, Yellow Bile - Fire, Black Bile - Earth, Phlegm - Water Different Individuals contain different balance of humors = Temper/Temperament Health = Balance Thus curing required re-balancing of the four elements Diet, Bloodletting examples of re-balancing Astrology Sun moves through constellations, in an ecliptic orbit Orbit called zodiac, 12 divisions of signs Each sign is associated with one of four elements An individuals temper is determined by specific placement of the planets at moment of birth Cosmology Earth in center of universe. Planets and stares revolve around earth All non terrestrial bodies are made of aether Aether tend to revolve in circles Cannot transform into other elements Celestial region influences the terrestrial region sun heats earth, moon causes tides, sun causes seasons Causal link to Astrology Universe is finite AristotelianTheology All things tend towards certain intrinsic or extrinsic goals (have a purpose) Eye SEES, Tree grows & bears fruit God exists Aristotelian Metaphysics Hylomorphism from Greek - hule (matter) and morphe (form) All things are compounds of two components - matter and form Four elements compose matter of body, Soul compromises form Mathematics Natural History (Biology) Optics Aristotelean - Medieval method Proposition is acceptable if it grasps the nature of a thing through intuition or from intuitive propositions Intuition schooled by experience Natural Thing = a thing that is not produced artificially and thus has its inner source of change ie. its nature Artificial Thing = A thing that is produced aritficially and thus has its source of change in something external As experimentation is unnatural for natural things No experiments. Nature is to be studies through observation only Qualitative Change = change in quality of thing Quantitative Change = change in size or number Mathematics can only measure quantitative change Pluralism many types of things, each with its own quality. you cant arrange a mountain into a tree, or a bee into a lion Heterogeneity - different regions of the universe obey different laws Finite Univers-ethe universe has physical boundaries, finite space Cartesian Mosaic Other theories were pursued in 16-17th centuries however Aristotelian mosaic was still taught at universities in late 17th century. Cartesian mosaic enters in late 17th century Primary Tenets: Dualism (mind/matter), Action by Contact, interaction only occurs through collision Mechanicism (interacting matter) Homogeneity - All regions of the universe obey the same laws Natural Philosophy (Physics) Matter is extension Plenism - there can be no empty space Space is nut a substance but an attribute All motion is circular/ interchange of positions Optics Mechanistic Physiology Action by contact Changes in organisms are explicable in purely physical terms Heart pumps blood. Mechanistic Geology Mechanistic Cosmology Matter is extension Plenism - there can be no empty space Space is nut a substance but an attribute All motion is circular/ interchange of positions Sun rotates around its axis this creates a vortex of particles swirling around sun particles form in bands of Planets Cartesian gravity is an inward pressure caused by condensation
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