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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology

1Part 2 Essay Question 60Answer the questions below to the best of your ability A satisfactory answer to these questions must include an introduction with a thesis statement fully explicated specific examples and a brief conclusion Each example you use should provide the answers to what where when and then go on to explain exactly how that example supports your thesis Introductions and conclusions should be very brief but are necessary parts of the essay An A quality answer is expected to draw on material from the lectures readings and tutorial discussions1During this course we have read or watched several primary sources such as Neuromancer Wrath of Kahn Gattaca and Modern Industrial Manchesterand talked about popular perceptions of and reactions to technology Timesththduring the 19 and 20 century Using specific examples drawn from at least two of the primary materials of the course discuss the popular reactions to and ththperceptions of technology in the 19 andor 20 century Mass media such as books and movies are able to reflect on the societal concerns of the majority towards technology as shown in Neuromancer Wrath of Kahn and GattacaNeuromancer and computersCase extension of central nervous system damagedcant enter matrix Molly cyborg Armitage created Pauley consciousness saved on disk 20CE tech seen as autonomous force of change affect regardless of usemisuse domestication of computers to PCs TCPIP to control packetsWintermute and Neuromancer AIs capable of thought and personality Turing Code and Police to prevent AIs from surpassing limit matrix cyberspace like 2001 Space Odyssey fear of computers used to be big bulky climate controlled rooms scientists tend to it mysterioususer friendly personal computers with Mac and Microsoft open formerly unaccessible world virtual reality change way we see and act McLuhan extension of senses HTTP WWW determinist 247 culture revolutionize expectations continuous improvement isolate and unite break down barriers of work and play ie Case Wrath of Kahn and space programnew frontier Genesis Devicenuclear bomb can recreate and also destroy building utopia Space Race USSR vs US Sputnikfirst dogman vs Vanguard explodeKennedys urgent national needs speech dedicate NASA free men must fully sharenationalism point of unification for divided country
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