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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Marga Vicedo

JHE353 SEPT 24, 2012 TUTORIAL Great chain of being and Aristotle no break or gap in the chain and all species have a purpose in the chain and much alive in thr 18th century, when more rationale ideas reason over superstition and cultural movement of liberating the human mind started in france and then spread to other parts All universes in ordered system can’t challenge it And each country had own way of explaining science What happens with new species and other problem no change no room for evolution bc of Aristotle things were immutable Dominate view till linean time The element of design gods plan – logical belief and find hidden plan Linnaeus – wanted to find a plan in nature and same time to make classification easy for humans – artificial – abstract definition to make it easier category may not exist in nature something already existing in nature – before did it to medical properties He came in and looked at important features one was simple order everyone can use – biological taxonomy – assumed god created species and then believed had divine order they mpst be rational defined order and figure out that order and argues if figure it out cant be an abstract relation – anyone can and easy to do not just scientists – kingdom class etc in system of nature in 1735 slim book kept expanding it by 1768 2400 pages a lot of knowledge added – became new past time bc anyone could do it – created a new pop trend of the time and make it really easy accessible – binominal nomenclature – Latinized forms Before this they tried to identify using two names or Latinized but he was first to use it continuously and kept it Third – classification – g
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