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History and Philosophy of Science and Technology
Marga Vicedo

JHE353 SEPT 26, 2012 Animals existed that don’t exist today One main ideas or evidence mentioned here was no no evolution look at mummified animals there was no change History of earth - Nothing in 2000 why is it a problem bc no idea how long period of evolution needs or earth been around - Earth around for a few thousand years need to expand the limits of time - Christian account by famously by usher – sacred chronology he said earth created 4004 bc he looks at biblical account and reconstructs based on narrative of the bible – not enough time for anything to happen - Few thousand years – another aspect humans have been around since the beginning - History of earth and history of humans the same Fossils - Puzzling think of what it was like back then see things lying around look like stones but not bc look like living things, - Heavenly objects that have fallen - Maybe some decorations - See objects lying around no place to put them or to understand them - Are they organic in origin Niels - Steno is his name - Looking at tongue stones found them all over look like triangles but he identitidied they looked like shark teeth he concluded remnants of shark teeth Contd - Reasoned become hard bc earth preserved had to be soft at some point only hard rock the remains couldn’t get preserved – reasoning is kind of backwards - Rocks were soft – he deduces from this idea and develops an inference sediments become hard, look a layers get chronological sequence of events - Reconstrust history of earth by looking at history of life and vice versa - Oldest at the bottom and oldest fossils at the bottom - History of life by looking at fossil record - Religious but realize that ushers chronology isn’t going to hold up Intergration - Intergrate with natural history with a religious perspective - Thomas burnet - Sacred but theory of the earth combine scientific thinking with biblical accounts - Influential text – Christ and spheres and sequence the eath goes - Perfect cyclindrical and changes, then flood with noahs ark Contd - Before the flood - Then waters came up bc sinful human - Sun dried up the crust cracked – reasoning by analogy - Casusing boiling of water to flood - Human history and nautral history are synchronized - God is still in the picture - To understand the history of the earth need to bring in god - Natural elements influence development of the earth but all set by god by prinicplas set at the beginning - He calacuated that the earth was 10000 years old, few more thousand but not enough - Major idea decline from original perfection – change for the worse – now flood Natural theology - Mode of reasoning what he uses is natural theology - Argue theology and using science of their time – antural and theology combined - Not miracles but more and more explain things by natural casuses - Don’t want to leave god out of the picture - More by natural culture what role left for god Leclarc de buffon - Working in france - Wrote a massive amount - Important thing postulate that there are no - Change over time - And common ancestor – some amount of transformation – but for generation - How can have god create species create species that descent Epochs of nature - He is not including god in the picture - Most famous work epochs of nature - Postulate different epochs - Not major change or flood bc of punishment - All epochs based on physical principals came up with rudumimenatry experiemts - Heat sphere of metal and see what happens - Things in past different then from today - Crash into suns surface sent into space and cool down - Idea globe in molten state - Outer crust solidified rd - 3 great amounts of water rain on the earth and covers the earth marine life emerges - Then waters
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