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21 Apr 2013

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Jan 8: imperial culture & foreign relations (lec)/east asia and the. In exchange took silver from the spanish mining in. South america: internally suffered from a famine due to severe cold weather pattern in 1600. Weren"t able to provide relief to the people during the cold spout, couldn"t even provide emergency grain. During the famines people began to join the rebellion arose: many threats from the internal rebellion, there were also threats from the outside by the nomads manchu . Manchu (qing empire: was a military organized society, came from the north east, began to encroach north china, defeated ming dynasty in 1644, then became the qing empire the native languages, also kept religion"s separate. Imperial expansion of the qing: conquered outlying nations, conquered xinjiang region. Louis xiv at versailles: europeans liked the idea of china giving merit to scholars, chinoiserie chinese art that is not quite genuine, there was a lot of demand for this imitation art in europe.

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