HIS102Y1 Midterm: Study guide for Term Test #1 (first 5 events)

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12 Mar 2011

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Aztec expansion and demographic growth: sub-ordinates began to outnumber rulers, organized into city-states, had to be appeased, or they could unify to overthrow the ruling class. Triple alliance (in the 1430s: texcoco, tenochtitlan, and tlacopan. Tenochtitlan (aztecs) eventually becomes dominant, and the other two members of the triple alliance pay tribute to tenochtitlan. Each maintained its own independent leadership, but owed tribute and allegiance to the aztecs: dynastic ruling elite, higher power than other city-states. Economic organization: permanent settled agriculture, system of labour exaction: common people owed a set amount of service to the elite. Produced and stockpiled goods for various reasons (incl. religious) nov 8, 1519: cortes meets the aztec emperor, motecuhzoma in a friendly, diplomatic meeting: war is sparked by spanish killing aztecs during a religious ritual, night of sorrows. Spanish try to flee at night, many are killed and gold is recollected by the aztecs.