HIS102Y1 Midterm: Study guide for Test #2 (events 7 and 8)

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12 Mar 2011

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China at the end of the 18th century: china under the qianlong emperor (r. 1736-1799, territorial expansion. size of qing empire has almost doubled: administrative changes. withdrawal from active participation in the court that the emperor formerly participated in (direct reports rather than rely solely on advisors: cultural achievements. makes an effort to support ming and manchus. orders a compilation of the most famous works of art, history, philosophy; fills many, many volumes with this. uses this excuse to enter libraries of chinese scholars to judge them accordingly; owners of certain books perceived as unfavourable to the qing dynasty could be persecuted: indigenous rebellions. Thought of charging the british 2x or 5x more on tea and rhubarb, felt they couldn"t survive without it (he was accused of hypocrisy for only targeting outside opium) commands queen victoria to stop this trade from happening.