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22 Apr 2012
HIS107 Midterm Exam Study Note
Tuesday December 6, 2011
6:10 P.M.
The Sandford Fleming Building, ROOM 3202
1 hour and 50 minutes
The Shang Dynasty
- Traditionally: 1766-1122 B.C.E. or, ca. 1600-1027 B.C.E.
- Luoyang-> Zhengzhou(both close to Yellow River),-> Anyang(Yin).
- Hunting remained a subsidiary source of food in addition to domesticated cattle, pigs and
- Lady Fu Hao was the consort of the 21 Shang King, Wuding, and was entombed around 2500
- Bronze was the metal of nobles, shamans and kings.
- The Shang craftsmen utilized a bronze casting method known as the piece-mold technique.
- There was no written text as such, but there are a great number of Shang inscriptions.
- Oracle-bone inscriptions
- The dynasty ended in a great slave revolt about 1050 B.C.E, which was joined by Zhou.
The Zhou Dynasty
- 1027-221 B.C.E.
- Capital near XiAn
- Had became more militarized than the Shang and appear to have developed improved tactics of
chariot warfare.
- Founders Wen and Wu later became civil and martial-the two primary and complementary
dimensions of administration.
- Kings called themselves sons of heaven(天子)
- 771 BCE, Zhou capital sacked, king killed and the capital was moved to Luoyang.
Warring States
- Jin(north), Yan(northeast), Qi(east), Chu(centre), Shu(Sichuan), Wu(lower Yangzi),
Yue(southeast), Lu(Shangdong).
- The name China actually came from the Qin, the first to create an imperial Chinese identity.
Qin Dynasty, Confucianism
Emperor become corrupt, hes lost the support of heaven, means he cannot be an emperor
Confucius, people have to be taught by parents.
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Confucius ideal man: a true gentleman, the superior man (junzi/君子)
First emperor: ChinShiHuang
Han fei zi
When the sage rules the state he does not depend on people to do good for him, but utilizes
their inability to do wrong.
Is we had to depend on an arrow being absolutely straight by nature, there would be no arrow
in a hundred generation…….
Therefore the ruler who has the technique doesn’t
The means by6 which the enlightened ruler
Punishment: to execute is called punishment and to offer congratulations or rewards is called
Ministers are afraid of execution and punishment but look upon……
Administering the State
Memorial on exercising heavy censure, according to the laws of Lord Shang, there was corporal
punishment for the scattering of ashes in the streets
The 6 parasites are: rites and music, odes and history, cultivation and goodness, filial
Burned all books except about War and agriculture
The rebellion of Chen She and Wu Guang
During the first year of the second emperor of Qin,…………
The faults of the Qin by Jia Yi
Because the ruler lacked humaneness and rightness, because preserving power differs
fundamentally form seizing power.
The 5 Relationships in Confucianism
(1) ruler-subject
(2) father-son
(3) husband-wife
(4) older brother-younger brother
(5) friend-friend
Women under Confucianism
The advent of Confucianism tended to relegate them to subordinate status.
The yin-yang concept(陰陽), far older than Confucius, certainly stresses the importance of the
female principle.
Women had great power within the family and often became dominant there after their
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husband died.
In the Daodejing(道德經), women are depicted as unknowable and powerful.
In Confucian texts, women were often demonized in cartoonish fashion and blamed for the fall
of dynasties.
Confucian moralists disapproved womens involvement in government.
Record of Rites
To be a woman means to submit [9:24]
The Wife’s words should not travel beyond her own apartment [1:24]
A woman does not discuss affairs outside the home. [1:24]
Han Dynasty
Liu bang- the first emperor
Appeasing the Xiongnu (sending expensive gift and Han princesses as Xiongnu brides) But this
costs as much as 7%of the imperial budget for 1 year.
Emperor Wudi
Sima Qian
Records of the Grand Historian
The silk road
Emperor and eunuchs are the only functional men.
Tang Dynasty
Examination system
Questioned on confucius
Expansion of borders
Tarim basin(military protectorate)
Tibet (tributary state)
Korea (tributary state)
Japan (tributary state)
Empress Wu
Consort of the 3rd Tang emperor, Gaozong.
Supports Confucianism
666:performs Confucius
Wu is buddist, Great Cloud Sutra 大雲經(something refers to Buddism)
Maitreya (the future Buddha)
705, Wu falls ill(child birth? Suicide?)
Deposed by supporters of her son, Emperor Zhongzong.
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