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7 Apr 2011
HIS 103Y Study Group Reading Notes
Blundering to Glory 133-222
Napoleon didn't win the Peninsular War considering the problems of Iberia secondary, and it
was unnecessary to win it until he could take a long view of it from St.Helena.
In 1808, Napoleon swept Spain with his 300,000 troops, and replace Joeseph on his throne,
and had Soult get rid of the British army there.
In 1809 Napoleon campaigned against the Austrians and won on 5-6 July. Then he was busy
with expanding his empire, and marrying a princes who could give him an heir.
In 1810 Napoleon's had his third marriage with Marie-Louise of Austria, and annexed
Holland and other areas to French. By then, he stayed with his wife in order to get a child
instead of fighting and travelling. Massena was sent to take out Wellington (from Britain),
L'Enfant Cheri was told to take over the Army of Portugal. Unfortunately, by the time he was
enjoying his marriage, he started to loose control of his generals, and he lost some of the
campaigns during that time.
In 1811 Napoleon's son was born, since then, Napoleon didn't want to leave Paris anymore.
He built an army to chasten Russia, which left the Continential System by the czar's ukase on
December 1810.
In 1812 Napoleon was in Russia, as Wellington defeated Marmont and started invvading
In 1812, Napoleon lost his war in Germany
In 1814 Napoleon lost again in France to his allies
Assumption: If Napoleon could go back to Peninsula, he could have won the war. If he won the
war in Spain and Portugal (In person), this would have meant the end of the guerrilla war.
Without Napoleon's leadership, the marshals in Spain would not obey Joseph, and French
troops weren't possible to win any war even though there were 300,000 French troops in
Spain, under this circumstance.
Without Napoleon, the Peninsular war lasted five years, costed great deal of money, and
300,000 casualties.
Without Napoleon, enemies against French were encouraged, France was demoralized
draftees were deserted and it greatly weakened the empire long before the Russia Campaign
Austrian in Ferment
In 1808 A war party against France had appeared after loosing the avenge in Ulm and
Austerlitz was encouraged by the defeats of Napoleon in Spain and Port, the withdraw in
German, and the departure for Spain.
The German exiles joined, claiming that "if Austria struck at Napoleonic France, German will
rise and win their freedom.".
The Archduke Charles (Austrian) suspected if the German States would support Austria.
However, he was appreciated that the war party was generating in Austria but he thought
Austria was still not ready for a major war. He was not happy with the reforms, and
participated as head of the war council; he gave the army a corps organization, and he had
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