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HIS312H1- Final Exam Guide - Comprehensive Notes for the exam ( 59 pages long!)

OC56405359 Page
30 Nov 2017
Migration to early canada: france and england colonize canada , european expansion, the st. lawrence valley, migrations, settlements, why so few settle
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his312h1 - september 20th

OC18756 Page
4 Feb 2012
Lecture 1 - migration and colonization in early canada y 1500-1770 y the flows of immigrants - erratic y english/french = charter groups / founding peo
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UTSGHIS312H1Ian RadforthFall

Making 'New Canadians' Reading notes

OC19338 Page
14 Dec 2010
Making new canadians": social workers, women, and the reshaping of immigrant families. In the period before 1965, the immigrants were british or europe
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UTSGHIS312H1Ian RadforthFall

Reading Summary for Ethnic Relations in Wartime: Nationalism and European Minorities in Alberta during the Second World War

OC38613 Page
13 Dec 2010
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