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University of Toronto St. George
Nhung Tuyet Tran

Immediate Results of China’s Defeat in the Sino-Japanese War 1. Triple Intervention 1895: Japan had gained the Liaodong Peninsula under the Treaty of Shimonoseki. However, Russia, France and Germany stated that they were opposed to this. Russia mobilized troops. Japan had no choice but to give it up – but China had to pay another 30 million taels to Japan. 2. Sino-Russian Alliance a) Russia offered loans to help China pay her indemnity to Japan b) In 1896 Li went to Russia for the coronation of the new Czar Nicholas II. Whilst he was there he negotiated the secret Sino- Russian Treaty. c) This was an alliance. Its terms were: i. Mutual defence against Japanese attack ii. Russia to construct a railway across Manchuria to be controlled by a private company, the China Eastern Railway Corporation. The land was to be ceded for the railway. 3. Scramble for Concessions a) Germany: In 1897 two German missionaries were murdered in Shandong. As a punishment, Germany seized Qingdao and forced China to lease it to her for 99 years. b) Russia: Russia secured a 25 year lease on the Liaodong Peninsula, including Port Arthur. It also got the right to construct a railway to join up with the Chinese Eastern railway and obtained some mining rights in S.Manchuria. c) France: i. in 1895 Fra
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