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Carry Takagaki

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HIS107 Midterm Exam Study Note Tuesday December 6 2011 610 PM The Sandford Fleming Building ROOM 3202 1 hour and 50 minutesThe Shang DynastyTraditionally 17661122 BCE or ca 16001027 BCELuoyang Zhengzhouboth close to Yellow River AnyangYinHunting remained a subsidiary source of food in addition to domesticated cattle pigs and poultryLady Fu Hao was the consort of the 21 Shang King Wuding and was entombed around 2500 BCEBronze was the metal of nobles shamans and kingsThe Shang craftsmen utilized a bronze casting method known as the piecemold techniqueThere was no written text as such but there are a great number of Shang inscriptionsOraclebone inscriptionsThe dynasty ended in a great slave revolt about 1050 BCE which was joined by ZhouThe Zhou Dynasty1027221 BCECapital near XiAnHad became more militarized than the Shang and appear to have developed improved tactics of chariot warfareFounders Wen and Wu later became civil and martialthe two primary and complementary dimensions of administrationKings called themselves sons of heaven771 BCE Zhou capital sacked king killed and the capital was moved to LuoyangWarring StatesJinnorth Yannortheast Qieast Chucentre ShuSichuan Wulower Yangzi Yuesoutheast LuShangdongThe name China actually came from the Qin the first to create an imperial Chinese identity Qin Dynasty ConfucianismEmperor become corrupt hes lost the support of heaven means he cannot be an emperor anymoreConfucius people have to be taught by parents Confucius ideal man a true gentleman the superior man junziFirst emperor ChinShiHuangStandardizationLegalismHan fei ziWhen the sage rules the state he does not depend on people to do good for him but utilizes their inability to do wrongIs we had to depend on an arrow being absolutely straight by nature there would be no arrow in a hundred generationTherefore the ruler who has the technique doesntThe means by6 which the enlightened rulerPunishment to execute is called punishment and to offer congratulations or rewards is called kindnessMinisters are afraid of execution and punishment but look uponAdministering the StateMemorial on exercising heavy censure according to the laws of Lord Shang there was corporal punishment for the scattering of ashes in the streetsThe 6 parasites are rites and music odes and history cultivation and goodness filialBurned all books except about War and agricultureThe rebellion of Chen She and Wu GuangDuring the first year of the second emperor of QinThe faults of the Qin by Jia YiBecause the ruler lacked humaneness and rightness because preserving power differs fundamentally form seizing powerThe 5 Relationships in Confucianism 1 rulersubject 2 fatherson 3 husbandwife 4 older brotheryounger brother 5 friendfriendWomen under ConfucianismThe advent of Confucianism tended to relegate them to subordinate statusThe yinyang concept far older than Confucius certainly stresses the importance of the female principleWomen had great power within the family and often became dominant there after their
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