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Alison Smith

1. Balance of power as an instrument for peace (every time there was power in Europe, a balance of power followed); international conflicts help with international order Westphalia Sovereign states, no big wars after Westphalia (relative peace) The key is that they are not European wide wards 30 years war Embassies were permanent in other countries. Was seen as a diplomatic move and was commonplace after West. A rebuff to the 30 years war which was waged to regain control from the Habsburg hegemony. This was connected to sovereignty of countries which involved all the great powers. Osnabruck and Munster were the treaties referred to in the Peace. Cardinal Richeleu was instrumental in these negotiations as well as Sweden To increase communication Convention and practice- Decorum in ending a long conflict (the 30 years war) Conducting a conference to meet and produce peace- was the first main conference among the powers Territorial results collective deliberations were `positive` -powers realized that until the boundaries could be decided upon amicably they were going to be a constant source of conflict between the powers -these same conclusions can be seen in the peace of 1914 Solid geographic maps- frontiers and borders -Until 1789 they were legally binding Secularizing of nations- removal of religion -was no longer the primary source of conflict -countries could accept to a certain extent a different ideology Security was held in maintaining an equality between all the states and creating a functioning international order. No longer a bid for world domination.
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