Tutorial readings notes: Wars of Frederick the Great, Britain, Hanover, Rise of Prussia

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University of Toronto St. George
Alison Smith

What was the impact of the Peace of Aix-la-Chapelle on international relations? Why did Anglo-Austrian relationship fall apart? What factors contributed to the growth of the Austro-French rapprochement? What does Horn mean by the statement: the treaty [i.e. Treaty of Versailles] was based on a misunderstanding between the contracting parties? Was there indeed a diplomatic revolution in the 1750s? The addition of Russia and Prussia as great powers destabilized the international order of peace, added more players, more complicated treaties + alliances Harder to balance and maintain the relations between countries Austria number 1 foreign policy obtain Silesia France number 1 foreign policy: colonial war was harming commercial trade Britain and Austria grand alliance used against French WARS OF FREDERICK THE GREAT 1750s Austria exercising moderate influence over Russias diplomatic Frances strength declined Kaunitz hoped to improve Franco Austrian relations Hollands potential as ally to Austria went down France natural enemies with Britain This affected Austria Only as long as Habsburg-bourbon rivalry remained alive Britain did not think Austrian connection was valuable Austro French formal alliance would strengthen Habsburg empires position Vienne honest broker between Paris and London Austria wouldnt be involved in Anglo French conflicts over trade and colonies www.notesolution.com
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