War in European History

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Alison Smith

Mashie Alam BOOK: War in European History, Chapter 4, (by Michael Howard) Chapter 4: The War of the Professionals: By the 18 century, European wars were being conducted by professional armed forces of a kind familiar to todays type of militia They were guaranteed employment rights, wages, and career prospects In Prussian, the idea of a war lord remained In France, the idea of self-indulgent noblesse continued In Britain, a centralized unified force began Yet, by 1700, a state machine was developed to maintain full-time force on foot, paying, feeding, clothing, and organizing a hierarchy of men in an army Furthermore, the development of military practice and technology made this system better PAYING FOR THE ARMY Firstly, the armies had to be subsidized Taxpayers were to pay taxes to help develop the armed forces United Kingdom had such taxing methods But for the Dutch, their wealth from overseas trade enabled them to strengthen their army PRINCE MAURICE OF ORANGES CONTRIBUTIONS TO AR
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