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Alison Smith

Loh Yong Sheng HIS103Y reading summary for Napoleon III and the wars of National Unification Bibliography Citation Scope Time Period: 1863-1871 Characters: Bismarck, Napoleon III, Main events: Bismarck reorder of Prussia, War against Danes, War against Austria, War against France. Main Points -Prussia played no direct part in the Crimean conflict but certainly profited from the collapse of the post Crimean system. Prussia seek to reverse her submission to the Austrians at Olmutz and pushed for Prussia dominance in the future. -Prussia at that time was rich and powerful, with a strong economy. Military reforms in the late 1850s to 1860s which introduced modern technology to armaments production made Prussias military power an efficient instrument of state policy. Bismarck did not have to fear the financial strains of war which was the stalling point of many previous conflicts. -Bismarck was not only faced with oppositions from within his own state (middle-class liberals), he also had to contend with the Confederation Austria wand other German princes who were strongly opposed to Prussian aggrandizement. -In 1864, Bismarck desire of a non- German enemy came at the expense of Denmark. Under a new king, the Danes signed a document redefining the relationship between them and the duchies of Schleswig and Holstein. The intended incorporation of the two duchies constituted a breach of the Treaty of London of 1852 which was signed by all the powers. It gave Prussia a good cause to launch military action against the small state of Denmark. -He
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