Terminology weeks 1-5

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University of Toronto St. George
Anthony Cantor

f y es s Significanceaintained a French sphere of influence for a long Mterror FR changed the existing ruling system in Francemonarchs would now be defined and limited by a constitutionhe had conquered or submitted and replaced them with the French government modelHe was tried by the National Convention found guilty of high treasoncrimes against the French people and executed by guillotine on January 21 1793 His death marked the beginning of the reign oReorganized the political systems of the countritime was a capable and influential military geniusbut also an imperialistHis skill ability popularity and loyalty of hisoldiers helped him remain in power till defeated bthe combined forces of the other European powers at the COV 815 y of the bts as rman n theinheritedFrancein order oleonic the radical read misery eneral in lic s until he nion and t had been bsolute arieAntoinette unpopular with the MWhoWhatWhereWhyWhyThird Estate did not have a voice in government FRFrench Revolution COVCongress of Vienna arried to a foreignerilitary man who started as the second lieutenant inawa
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