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University of Toronto St. George
Nicholas Terpstra

HIS243 Tutorial Readings EXAM REVIEW very brief notes on the readings The Ruins of RomePoggio Bracciolini 1430Two men looking over the Capitoline Hill looking at the ruins of RomeRomes downfallfortuneFortune allowed Rome to prosper and then let it fall y Doesnt matter whats done when Fortune makes you a victim you will fallFortune a woman Virtu manliness a man y Virtue as in a selfmade man y Fortunefaith VirtueFree will y Gender concept at the heart of Renaissance history and philosophy Man virtue vs Woman fortuneOn Virtu and FortunaLeon Battista Alberti 1434Fortuna will act for you only if your virtuousMan themselves are the source of their fortune and misfortuneVirtues diligence customsJust laws virtuous princes prudent and firm counsels steadfast deeds love of the fatherland faith diligence courteous and praiseworthy relations among citizens these will enable states even without fortune to win and seize fame and with fortune greatly to extend and spread their glory and to commend themselves to posterity and immortality p330 y Government level source of the states fortuneThe Glories of the Latin LanguageLorenzo Valla 14301440Latin transcends boundaries everyone talks the same wayDirect link to the past As our Ancestors p131 y Wants to connect themselves to the glorious pastDraws concept from Cicero Plato Classical authors Pagan authorssource not from the BibleUniformity purity Returning to RomeSelfPortrait of a Universal ManLeon Battista Alberti After 1460Universal ManAlberti y Lists his accomplishments and abilitiesSurrounded by people who scorned him and he rose above it to maintain perfectnessCant stay away from educationBenefitted himself and sometimes others teacherDignity of ManGiovanni Pico Della Mirandola 1486How man is uniqueConcerned where man is in the spectrumMan doesnt have limitsMan isnt in a fixed place y Man has the ability to go up and down the spectrum y It depends on the individual free willSocial structure patriarchalby birth familyRational and intellectual to go up the ladder y Education very important as humanistsRefers to God as Architect and Artisan y Placing God among the skilled men y Connects to art accomplishmentThe Perfect GentlemanGiovanni Della Casa 1555How one acts ones manneretiquette
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