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HIS243 TERMSLaura Cereta 14691499 was a renaissance humanist and feminist Her letters were directed at other intellectuals Her letters defended womens right to education and fought the oppression of married women Her letters laid the groundwork for Feminism of the Enlightenment Moreover her letters discussed war death fate chance and malice Unlike most women of her time Cereta was able to partake in letter writing because she had social contacts to participateDuke Cosimo I 1537 1574 Comes into power after all line of Cosimo and Lorenzo is dead He was brought in from the outside of the main family line they went into farm side to pick him up He is 17 at the time and wasnt married died in 1574 He was military leader moved his family into city hall and turns it into a palace but not large enough so moves to a larger palace He decided to play the power Then plays marriage politics He marries Elenora daughter of high Spanish noble who has direct time with the Roman Emperor Trying to consolidate his title Did all this to get Medici family to be stronger in power France and Spain was the biggest people in power and they are constantly at war and Medici family kept this goingCatherine de Medici Marries Henry II A French Prince and has three sons Francis II Charles ninth and Henry the thirdCatherine is from the Medici family and marries into a French family the house of Valois After the death of Henry II she started to lead the house of Valois To her it wasnt about territory it was about society because sociologically its important She attempts to control the two houses of the Valois family of guises and family of Navarre She brought together edict of toleration in 1569 which is about not persecuting members of a given religion for their religious practices and traditions Her actions were seen as desperate measures to keep the Valois monarchy on the throne at all costs Valois success depended on being keen with house of Navarre So Catherine allows Marguerite to marry Henry of Navarre August 1572 Aldus Manutius 1450 1515 Venetian printer hes Italian a humanists in training To be a printer means being dirty demanding physically exhausting job and its complex He is a scholarly printer he went into printing as a career He was headed to Venice a lot of people there capital and trade Goes into a three way partnership one of them edits the texts and he wanted to come up with different forms of types Italic writing was one of his inventions took up smaller space it wasnt just aesthetic t was also an economic movement He discards footnotes because it takes up too much space Got rid of commentaries that took up most of the page Third invention is paperback octave which folded to make 18 of a size He was influential because he 1
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