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Erin Black

The rise of the right i. The conservative constituency ii. The regan revolution iii. Looking abroad regans foreign policy iv. Towards cold wars end v. From bush to bush: a conservative arc vi. The struggle to define a new world order i. The conservative constituency : the main ideals that make up the conservative camp 2 dominant 1 donte ecxtsa Anticomunisim faith in free marklet religious moralisim 1. Anti comunisim dosnt exist today Its been a part of both liber an con But con stayed more at jomes using it as a critsim of liberals In 70s use it for a reason to tewar down detaunt = American weakness(loss of vietname, terrorist crisis etc) If u want to make amwerica =great again be con 2. Faith in the free market The guv should nt be in economy It will chgeak and balance itself If u dpnt need guv reg economy also don’t need big centeral guv Guv oftwen tried tire g economy thus the reason to fight Milton freemon arg… The product of to much liberal medaling in economy= thje bad economic woos of the 70s th Takes us back to 19 cent liberalisim These two are both long standing legs in con party anti comunisim and free m 3. Religious moralism st Untril 1970s most religious sects worried about saving their sous 1 politics just got in the way of that it was 2 nd In the 60s thinking tha us is becoming immoral = idweals of participating in pol to fix the morals of th country ex rising divorce rates, children born out of wedlock because of ww to interwsted in careers, taking prayer out of schools This is evidence that moral compass of country has gone wrong and must engage in pol to fix it Evangeliclas wanted to spread the msg many ytv ministers pop up in 1970s Ex Pat robbinsons Religious or Christian righ tis modeled by jerry falwell and the moral majority Th MM was a rweligous group that is engaged in pol working with con to keep religious morals in the US Every week he would preach abiout religious values ex banning gays, teaching evolution etc Thsu he founds a pol lobby th MM they change name ot Christian colition and gets bigger The 3 are anti con, Free, rel mor, helped lead to reggan revolution ii. Regan Enters in the 60s as a supported of barry goldwatter on the far right He caught the eye of many republicans st 1 he guv of California then pres of us In the 1980 election weon by uniting diff threads of con right Anti communists Promises tax cuts Supports faith in schools Thuis aiding to all 3 1. His victory is a turning point B4 him the republican were just right of cenyter moderate republicans He shifts them further right 2. Since 1980 th con dem has controlled national agenda Form 32-reggan democrats controlled Shifts the rep fuilly to right an sets them up as setting uo the new agenda His rev was about style He had optomisim , confidendce promise to ends the problems of the 70 “lets make America great again” The eco woes of 70s could be controlled and corrected Inspired the US to stop thinking badly of their country He was charming made comlex issues seem simply so the avg American understood and couls engage in reg pol life Hes labeled the great communicatror (1 of most successful pres in this regard) For hi its black and white no grey of middle ground Bad things weer from outside forces The abd were special interetstgorups who failed to understand there interest were not in that of the us The bad was the ussr He was able to take small things and make them bigg ex poor woman defrauds welfare (very small amount 3000) and they made it seem like she stole millions About stye image and simplicity of understanding Ofereded clear con alternative that rev things Look atr reg economic programm He throws the eco odctrins Su[pply side economics (reganomics): cutting tax cuts at business would fuel eco prosperity keeping mon ey in the hands of business allowing them to exoand starting at supply side than demand 2 jkey elements: 1. Tax cuts Capatalizedc ofn publics dislike if economy they had stagnated because taxes were to high because of spending on social programs(dsay weldare pweopel are bums who do not work) The 1 cut is in welfare spending 28% of budget to less than 15% in 1989 The biggest and most unbalanced tax cut iwas in 1981opnly benifitted for the wealthy Every1 is beoing taxed at the same rate where b4 they were taxed at a higher rate Business could not be taxed at a rate higher thanb 34% Big business es are getting the biggest rates There is A sharper increase in the income disparity by 1990 1% owned 44% of nations overla wealth His solution for the poor was work hard show innitiave and u would be fine he felt welfare would turn the nation into lazy bums 2. Unleashing free enterprise Reudicng guv reg of eco nomy 80s have many business mergers Anti trust lleg : orevent monoplies so equal chance of opportunity for evry1 Ewhn companies begin gonbbling up eachother this makes it harder fpr every1 else When air traffic controllers go on strike reggan fires all of then and disbands the union He blammed enviormental laws relax entiormental laws to benefit the market Reggan is ignoring many laws to let the market do ots things This is working the problems of the 70s are disappearing What they werenot oapaying atten to was the side effect The impact of regganmomics of federal deficit Cause the makes many tax cuts an much $ of national defence 28 mill in one hr in 1985 There is a problem here they are taking less and spending more iii. Regans foreign policy Regects the dautont of the 1970s Conforntin g the evil empire ussr Reggan is a religious man thus evil They were the reason for everythoing wrong in the world To combat them must dvelop more defence, more weapons,=contain the soviets In his 1 term there is leittke cooperation between the us asn ussr Us is supporting afgg about to combat the ussr in their country The us is funding gehad fundemanetalist some of the peole who become the Taliban and alkida he called the freedom fighters STRATEGIC DEFENCE INITATIVE SDI Space absed missles deffecne system used to shooyt down missle also called star wars SDI is provocative ebcaus ethe ideal makes the us theoretaicalll invaluerable to st attack thus they could attack 1 and not fear their attack This weas not good because the twos peace relied on both of their fears oof each bombing eachother This theoretically makes it possible for us to attack the USSR It’s a big game changer if it could work, it still dosnt Battlinmg USSR through defence Battoling with them in AFRGAHISTAN and latinameruica The regan doctarine and latin america Supporting n freedom fighter is self defence (thus helping tanti communist thugs) Nicarargua is thre best example They back a reigfme there since th 1930 Their were challengers there who did not like the us influence there called the SANDINSTAS in 89 they oust the samosa guv and are the rulling regume they are Marxist getting aid form castro and the USSR Raggan does not want to work with them say they are tryoing to spread theuir rev to othe rlatin american nations= thus throw support behind hise who ewant to overthrow the sands called the CONTRAS They are not nice people they kill many, the us congress
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