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Erin Black

Natives - which groups it applies intro 1. no religion 2. no belief in property 3. US taming the wild (natives) - what it meant to the public US move west vs natives culture US guv built their reliance on American goods = easier to negotiate with Ex the Lancaster treaty 1744 natives gave away large land for unequal payments in gold and other goods Unequal negotiations to natives Left with 3 options: 1. Move west (Oklahoma) 2. Assimilate 3. Fight Killing of buffalo and culture left many dependant on US Thomas Jefferson indian removal act of 1830 vs native rights Forced them west onto unsettled land Public felt would give them time to adjust Some US are sympathetic, but most caught up in US progress Cherokee sue guv but have not legal right (not citizens) - How their equality should be achieved Achieved Through 1. Native organizations 2. Protests 3. Black Civil rights In attempt to assimilate natives US makes them citizens Backfire much inequality in cities= many return back to reserves Natives inspired by black power movement= red power Begin to make native org 1968 (AIM) American Indian Movement Platform: discrimination, poor jobs and housing in cities AIM portest led to 1. Wounded knee (73 day standoff) labeled terrorist 2. Alcatraz prison = much media attention Achieved: 1. Better control over native reserves 2. Increased health care on reserve 3. Practicing of native beliefs. Blacks - which groups it applies. intro slaves were: 1. Property 2. Not citizens = no rights under Dec of Ind ex 2. Dred Scott case 1857 (cant sue because not a citizen) - what it meant to the public US south Definition of slavery: any1 black =slave/ any slave= black in US 1. lifelong position 2. no rights 3. children of slaves become masters property ex 1. incidents of a slave girl ( mixed children become slaves) significance: 1. cheap labour force for growing US pop 2. created unique social function among whites (whites all classes vs black) US north Laws forbid slavery (in states like NY) Contradictory to their interpetations of Dec of Ind These values influenced Lincoln= civil war - How their equality should be achieved Blacks at war War of 1812 those who fight given freedom Civil war (Lincoln) 1. slaves flee to union become contraband of war hurting confederate economy 2. emancipation proclamation 1863 freed the slaves in southern states and allowed blacks to fight for the union significance: led to 13th amendment (1865) abolishing slavery in the entire US WW1 and the black migration WW1 gave blacks the opportunity to find employment and more equality in the north (half a million) Significance 1. this change the voting demographic (right to vote 1870) = give blacks power relect FDR 2. emergence of northern black communities (harlem renisance) and northern civil rights WW2 Led blacks to question how the US could fighting for equality abroad when it was lacking at home Significance: 1. Laid groundwork for civil rights movement 2. Armed forces are desegregated in 1947 Civil rights leaders Black autonomy Marcus Garvey 1. black auton
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