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University of Toronto St. George
Ian Radforth

Lecture 1Migration and Colonization in Early Canada 15001770 y The flows of immigrantserraticy EnglishFrenchcharter groupsfounding people as they have been here for so long y Founding Peoplesyo Problematico Indigenous people were unaccounted for Introduction Immigration 15001770 y Small erratic scattered settlements y Early Canadaa historians convenience y Refers to the history of this period region we are talking aboutCanada was not born during this eraConvenience to describe CanadaSourcesy Limited much more limited y Good shipping records cargospeople y Captains were suppose to note down cargopeople with listsNot rich documents whenwhere onlyShips captains for cargo look for peopleAdvertising y Lack of writing couldnt writeAccounts missing from ordinary people y Couldnt write about experiences yEuropean ExpansionGold god glory y Fish mass quantitiesfurmajor commodity y NewfoundlandAtlantic area for cod and fishGoldeconomic motivation y Hoping to profit from exploringnatural resourcesHighly value commodity in goldSpanish had done well with their exporting and accumulated gold as a resultProvoked Britain y God make people into Christians y 17th centurysignificant missionaries meant to convert AboriginalsMay have had small impact to encouraging immigration by practicing religionGlorymonarch competed for territoryy Establish coloniesEmpires
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