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Jennifer Jenkins

th November 30 , 2011 Tutorial- Lost Honor of Katharina Blum  Defamed by Totges  Linked to a suspicious man, she then becomes a wanted person  Bild Zeitung o Newspaper being alluded to in the book o Tabloid press  RAF o Baader- Meinhof Group o Group has several generations o Start with bank –robberies, move on to political assasinations and kidnapping o Came from student movements in 68  Split into armed struggle (domestic terrorists) and pacifism  Green party of Germany emerged from this o Living underground, most of them wanted for theft (cars) o Live illegally o People would let them stay with them o Vague kinds of support o Sense of state of siege in west germany o West German society was under attack from domestic groups o Build up of homeland security regime to go after the RAF  Katharina thought Ludwig was a deserter from the german army  Police is allowed to wire-tap without warrants, do this to Katharina  Raid her apartment, entering a civilians apartment without a warrant  All happens under BKA o Office o West German police mobilizes to counter the threat of the RAF  Honor- refers to her loss of reputation that she worked hard to build o Dignity and autonomy is ruined by bad press  Nazi Germany involving themselves in private life, denunciation of Katharina by her neighbors  Resonates with Stasi collaboration and personal life interference East Germany, West Germany: States and Dissent, 1961- 1989 Revolution and Reunification, 1989-1990  Final exam- o Substantial and more specific leads to higher marks o Chain of events o Don’t just tell, show how it happenth  The building of the Berlin wall, august 13 , 1961 o Anti-Fascist protection something (full name) o Closing of last window before iron curtain ascended o West Germans could travel to EG, needed invitations, permission, documents to enter o EG could not go to the West  Have to be approved by EG, only in cases of important people who were allowed to travel  Accompanied and monitored o EG could travel inside eastern world and soviet centers o Subway lines that ran through east, ghost stations were you would pass by and not stop  Possibilities for dissent in the west: 1968 and the new social movements/ Green party o Student movement of West Germany, 1968  Ecological, political, environmental, feminist groups  Desire to democratize Germany  Citizens movement  Anti-nuclear groups as well  Beginning of counter culture- west germany had not emerged from shadow of Fascist past  Needed new forms of culture to democratize WG  Grassroots movement  Radical and experimental edge to this  Counterculture- long hair for boys, short hair for girls o Gender roles switched nd  June 2 , 1967- point of rndicalization of student movement  Members of june 2 movement  Demonstration against shah of Iran  Strong criticism of US in counterculture and student movement  Shah seen as brutal leader, and puppet of US  Police mobilized against the students, got rough  Student was shot, unarmed civilian  Radicalize against police brutality which seen as holdover from fascist past  Students attacked buildings of zeitung press  Student movement splits into two sides  Pacifism- green party, peace, anti-nuclear groups o GP- formed national gvnt with Red-Green coalition  Under Schroeder
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