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Doris Bergen

TERMS  Dry Timber - Notion of a burning building; what does it take? - What made a society potentially volatile?  Beer Hall Putsch (1923) - Take over the government of Bavaria and then Germany - Failed  Putsch - An illegal attempt to forcibly overthrow the government  Meinkampf (1925) - Hitler’s struggle - Wrote it in prison  Braunau am Inn - Hitler was born here - The birth house now has a memorial outside it  NSDAP - Nationalists Socialist German Workers Party - Answer to communists - Nazi party - Hitler gained the ability to read an audience  Anti-communist - Had some malleability  Social Darwinism - Survival of the Fittest  Lebensraum – agriculture - The only way to win is to expand - If you’re not conquering then you will be conquered  Eugenics - Constantly getting rid of those that are dispensible  Authoritarian - Hitler was not a democrat - He was interested in the masses as a force  Fuhrer (the leader) principle - Magnifies the people at the top - Masses are important as a force but it is a top-down system  Kinder transport (Dec. 1938-September 1939) - Sending about 10,000 Jewish kids from Germany to “safety” mostly to England  Anschluss - Annexation of Austria (March 1938) - Germany wanted to extend their power beyond their borders  Pogrom - Violent massacre or persecution of an ethnic or religious group  Kristallnacht (night of broken glass) - November 1938  Dachau - First detention place  Law for the Restoration of a Professional Civil Service - Removed Jews from the Civil Service  Sturmabteilung (SA) - Storm troopers - Original paramilitary wing of the Nazi party  Luftwaffe - German Air Force  Heinrich Himmler - Leader of the Schutzstaffel (SS) - Military commander and a leading member of the NSDAP - Succeeded in coordinating all of the police forces under the SS hierarchy  Goering - In charge of the economic 4 year plan - It was supposed to put the economy on a war footing - Mobilized the people for war  Hossbach Memorandum - Record/notate the crucial points that Hitler laid out at the meeting on November 5, 1937 - Hitler spoke long and talked about the need to expand German living space - Not only was war necessary but it had to come soon  Blomberg and Fritsch - Concerned that another war would result in another large loss - They were insufficiently enthusiastic and the sequence of events that Hitler proposed - Hitler found a way to remove them from their positions - Blomberg  Marriage scandal - Fritsch  Homosexual  CHRONOLOGY  1922 – German/Soviet agreement  1925 – Berlin Pact between Germany and Soviet Union NAZI REVOLUTION (1933-1934)  Janu
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