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2009/2010 HIS343 Final Exam Terms

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Wesley Wark

HIS343Y1 Final Exam Review 2010 Midterm Exam Format: Date: Wednesday, April 14, 2010 Location: SS 1085 (A-GE) or SS 1084 (GH-Z) Duration: 3 Hours, 9-12 AM Format: 2 Parts: 1. Compulsory essay question, likely based on a quote that attempts to encompass the overarching themes of the course- this will be explored through the use of historical examples 2. Two topic-specific essay questions, picked from a list of roughly 6-8 questions. This will require in-depth knowledge about the particular topic discussed Note: Some weeks are missing due to holidays no assigned readings. Week 2: Understanding Intelligence Principles September 21, 2009 Readings Michael Warner, Wanted: A Definition of Intelligence [Course Text] Phillip Davies, Ideas of Intelligence: Divergent National Concepts and Institutions [Course Text] Malcolm Gladwell, Connecting the Dots: the Paradoxes of Intelligence Reform [Reader] Thomas Powers, The Vanished Case for War [Reader] Terms IndividualsGroups Events Themes -Creeping -General Eli Zeira -Arab-Israeli War, -Ambiguity in determinism (AMAN) 1973 intelligence (Gladwell, 3) -Al-Qaeda -September 11 gatheringassessmen -David L. Rosehan Attacks t (psychologist) -Iraq War, 2003 -Failing to foresee a -Central Intelligence new intelligence Agency (CIA) problem in solving -Federal Bureau of the old issue Investigation (FBI) -Problems of -George Tenet (CIA) Organizational -George W. Bush cooperationrivalry -David Kay -Politicization of (Weapons expert) Intelligence -Iraq Survey Group -Importance of -Colin Powell constructed narratives Week 3: The Origins of Modern Intelligence September 28, 2009 Readings: Michael Herman, Intelligence Power in Peace and War [Reader] Jeffrey Richelson, A Century of Spies, Chapter 1 HIS343Y1 Final Exam Review 2010 Terms IndividualsGroups Events Themes -Black Chambers -Prussian general -Industrial -Early intelligence as - staff Revolution an ad-hoc activity TelephoneTelegraphRadio -Okhrana (Czarist -1907 Russo-Anglo- -The military role of -Aerial reconnaissance Russian counter- French pact intelligence -Cryptanalysis intelligence) -Modernization of -Secret Service communication and Bureau (UK, 1909) warfare -Mansfield George -Spy Scares Cumming influencing creation -Sidney Reilly (spy) of intelligence -Baron August agencies Schulga (spy) Week 4: The Birth of the British Spy System October 5, 2009 Readings: Christopher Andrew, Spies and Spy Scares [Reader] Terms IndividualsGroups Events Themes -Spies of the Kaiser -William Le Queux -The Great Game -Popular cultures (1909 novel) (writer) -Boxer Rebellion role in shaping -Dreadnought (boat) -Albert Harmsworth (1900) development of -Committee for (Daily Mail -Boer War (1899- intelligence services Imperial Defence publisher) 1902) -Amateur nature of (CID) -Sir Earl Roberts -Official early spies -Secret Service -Gustav Steinhauer Secrets Act (1911) -Spy scares Bureau (1909) (German spymaster) -World War I -Anglo-German -Sir Mansfield military rivalry George Smith- -Fear of German Cumming invasion of England -Winston Churchill - Week 6: World War One: The Revolution Begins October 19, 2009 Readings: Richelson, Chapters 2-3 Simon Singh, The Mechanization of Secrecy [Reader] Terms IndividualsGroups Events Themes -Human Intelligence -Gugliemo Marconi -World War I (1914- -Intelligence as a (HUMINT) (radio inventor) 1918) novel tool to support -Signals Intelligence -La Dame Blanche -The Battle of the offensive military (SIGINT) network Marne strategies -Traffic analysis -Admiral William -Tannenberg -Application of new -French Henry Hall (Room -The Battle of technology to Cryptographers 40) Jutland (1916) support intelligence
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