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HIS344 Exam Review The Truman Doctrine The Truman Doctrine and the Marshall Plan Their role in the division of EuropeWhat were the main objectives of the Truman doctrineRoot causes and main consequences of the Truman doctrine oThe Marshall Plan was inextriacably linked to Trumans Policy of Containment oTruman Doctrine was reactive the deteriorating conditions in Greece and the fear of similar political circumstances taking Europe by stormoTruman Doctrinedirected against Soviet Expansionismthe overt use of US economic might to pursue US foreign policy interests abroad oDivision ideological division and inherent incompatibility oParallel developmenttwo distinct economic political and ideological systems that simply could not be reconciled oThe Truman doctrine was a manifestation of foreign policy resulting from the insecurities and feats of soviet power filling the vacuum in Europe oA divided geopolitical landscape Key Ideas Marshall plan not only transformed western European economies but had deep political implications for the division of EuropeInterventionism a la latin AmericaGoals of the Marshall Plan A prosperous western Europe a bulwark against soviet penetration and influence in the old continent Background Declining British hygemony independence movements in Greece and Turkey and prospects of communist penetrationvacuum for new ideological influenceGreat Britain the historic protector ofGreek independence was in decline
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